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Yo, i'm Gin Wlcm 2 my Blog
In:Tampa, Florida
Likes: anime, manga, J-music, JDrama, Yaoi, Video Games
Fandom: Kato Kazuki, Avengers, Sherlock, FrostIron, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Arrow, The Hobbit, The Walking dead, Batman, How I Met Your Mother, Marvel
Fav Game: Dark Souls, Midnight Club, Jack n Daxter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Need for Speed, Samurai Warriors, Batman, Sonic Heroes
Fav Food: Ice Cream 0w0
U wanna know anythin else, go ahead n ask :) I won't bite
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Now that I separated My Kato Kazuki's posts into their own Blog, This one will contain all the random things I like-- Feel free 2 follow or not it's up 2 u ^_^

Look I found Voldemort’s sister -w- #harrypotter #voldemort #gettyvilla #la #california #usa (at J. Paul Getty Villa)